About Us

Bio organic farming is the emerging need of the day. Large-scale efforts are going on in the same direction at Global as well as national level. The farm produce obtained by using chemicals is having detrimental effect on health due to pesticide residues. Farmers, customers and policy makers have now realized it.

Due to excessive use of chemicals in agriculture, the fertility of the soil is decreasing day by day and more over the pests are developing resistance and immunity to the chemical pesticides used for there control, as a result growers without any benefits are using more and more chemical pesticides.

If one want pesticides residue free produce and want to export it on a global basis, then one must obtain special organic certification from organizations like Euro GAP, IMO etc. These organizations give appropriate guidance and encourage the farm products, which are free from pesticide residues. Further there is a growing demand for organically grown farm products in domestic markets as well as for export to many countries. Today in the global competition there is needed to increase the production of organic produce with quality and quantity as per demand. Organic farming while reducing the cost of production gives pesticides residue free produce with natural test and longer shelf-life (keeping quality).

We at Bio Organic Industries, scientifically serve the emerging need of the day – Bio Organic Farming.

Available facilities:

  • Proper scientific guidance for bio organic farming.
  • Providing tested high quality genuine bio inputs for bio organic farming.
  • Soil and water testing for precision in use of inputs.
  • Residue analysis for quality assurance.
  • Plant tissue testing (petiole analysis)
  • Disease and pest diagnosis for appropriate control.
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