Sun Agro BACIL-L

Sun Agro Bacil-L is a most effective, formulation containing Bacilus Subtiles, a beneficial bacterium. This product is useful for the control of pathogenic fungi, bacteria and nematodes.

Sun Agro Bacil-L is recommended for the control many diseases; in several crops including vegetables and horticultural crops and also seed and soil born to control disease in most crops.

Dosage and method of application:

Seed Treatment: 5ml/Kg, soak for 30 minuts before sowing.
Seedling/cuttings: 5ml/liter - Dip for 10 min. before planting.
Rhizomes/tubers: Nursery bed drenching: 5ml/liter of water/sq. meter.
Soil Application: Mix 1liter with 40kg of neem cake and 360kg of farm yard manure and apply uniformin an acre.
Foliar Spray: 5ml/liter of water

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