Beviguard (Beauveria bassiana)/h2>

  Fly infected by the insect pathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana

Beauveria bassiana, a white muscardine entomopathogenic fungus, affects sseveral hard boodied insect pests of many crops.Mode of action The fingus infect the pest by pentration through the integument, soflening the hard chitin by releasing some enzymes. Once within the bodyCavity the fungus proliferates and invade all tissues and fill up the body cavity of the insect with thickly grown hyphae.

Owing to the heavy growth of the mycelium, the insect becomes hard, stiff and mummified. Death is caused by release of mycotoxins or due to exhaustion or by mycosis or paralysis or asphyxiation through the plugging of tracheae.

Beneficial effects:

Sun Agro Beviguard is a safe and effective biopesticide. It can be used for effective management of Bollworms 0 (Helicoverpa or Spodoptera) of Cotton, fruit bores of vegetable crop, white grub / root grubs, etc.

Bolloworms - (Helicoverpa or Spodoptera) Cotton, vegetable crop
Root grubs - Sugarcane, coconut, groundnut, oil, vegetable corps
Early shoot borer - Sugarcane
Mosquito bug - Tea
Berry borer - Coffee
Beetles - Potato
Hopper & thrips - Rice, Mango

Product profile:

A talc based and liquid formulation containing a minimum of 2x10 9 Colony farming units per gram/ml.

Dosage and method of application:

Foliar application:
5g - 10g / 1 liter water
750 - 1000g / 150 - 200 liter water / acre.
Ensure through coverage of both sides of leaf surface.

Soil application:

3-5 kg mixed with 500kg organic manure with 50kg neem cake and apply to one acre field.


Compatible with most of the bio-pesticides/Bio-fertilizer.


Apply chemicals fertilizers or pesticides only 7-10 days before or after the application of 'Sun Agro Beviguard'. Make sure that sufficient moisture is in the soil before application of this bio-agent.


Keep in dry and cool place. Exposure to direct sun light or heat should be avoided.

Shelf Life:

6 months from the date of manufacture


1kg, 250ml, 500ml, 1lit.

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