Chaeto (Chaetomium globosum)

Chaetomium globosum is found to be potential biocontrol agent against Drehslera sorokiniana, the spot blotch pathogen of wheat.

Economical Effective Bioproduct

  • Most effective against control of Wheat spot blotch (Drechslera sorokiniana) disease.
  • Also effective in control of oats and barley spot blotch diseases.
  • Foliar spray provided highly effective against apple scab diseases.
  • Found to be effective against Pythium and Phytopthora diseases in several crops.
  • It induces systemic resistance in treated plants against pathogens.
  • Seed treatment/ soil application controls seedborne & root rot diseases. This enhances germination and overall healthy plant growth for better yields.

Method of Application:

Seed treatment: 10gm/Kg Seed
Foliar Spray: 5-10gm/ litre of water.
Soil application: 3-5 Kg/ acre
For soil application mix 1 Kg of Sun Agro Chaeto with 10 Kg neemcake plus 90 Kg Organic manure and keep it for a week for multiplication of bioagent before application.


Keep in cool and dry place for longer shelf life.

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