Sun Agro Compact

(A mixed microbial cultures for rapid composting of organic matter)

Mode of action

Composting is a process of decomposition of organic matter by a mixed population ofmicroorganisms under warm, aerobic and moist condition. During composting process, the basic elements in the organic matter such as carbohydraters,proteins, fat, cellulose and others, get degraded by microorganism to give a stable compound known as humus, which is an excellent organic manure. While normal composting takes 4 to 5 Months, by using Sun Agro Compact, the composting is accelerated and decomposing is achieved within 2 months.

Beneficial aspects:

HELPS RAPID COMPOSTING OF ORGANIC matters such as coir pith, coffee husk, sugarcane bagasse, cocoa waste, vegetable waste and other farm organic wastes .Recycling of organic wastes into beneficial natural organic manure.

Method for decomposing (for one ton organic matter)


  • Sun Agro Compact 2 kg
  • Farm yard manure 50 kg
  • Cow dung 50 kg
  • Urea 5kg


We 1 ton organic matter with water for over night. Divide the soaked material in 5 parts of 200 kg each. Spread on part in an area of 5mx3m under a shaded place. Apply uniformly 1kg of Sun Agro Compact activator mixed with 25kg of farm yard manure. Cover with second part of organic matter and sprinkle 2.5kg of urea and 25kg of cow dung mixed in water. Repeat the application of the remaining Sun Agro Compact + FYM and Urea + Cow dung for the third and fourth parts of organic matter, respectively. Finally cover the remaining fifth part of the organic matter over it.

Sprinkle water copiously and cover the heap with coconut frond or perforated play sheet or gunny cloth. the heap should be moistened periodically to compensate evaporation losses. The entire heap should be left undisturbed till it matures. When the pile becomes cool and reduces to about 25% of its original size, it is ready for use.


Ensure that the decomposing is fully matured. Fully decomposed material will be brown to dark and powdery. As composition of micro & macro elements will vary from the organic material used for decomposing samples may be get analyzed.


Keep in cool and dry place.


1kg, 5kg

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