Sun Agro Derma

Sun Agro Derma Trichoderma viride / Sun Agro Derma - H Tricholderma harzianum

Antagonistic fungi for the control of seed & soil borne and foliar diseases. Sun Agro Derma and Sun Agro Derma - H are formulation of Trichoderma viride and Trichoderma harzianum, respectively. They are very effective in the management of seed & soil borne and foliar diseases of most crops.

Mode of action:

Trichoderma is antagonistic to many pathogenic fungi. It is a fast growing fungus which multiplies and forms a protective shield around root system and thus preventing the attack by pathogenic fungi. It suppresses the growth of the pathogenic fungi by myco parasitism and antibiosis. It is also known to produce toxic metabolites against pathogenic fungi.

Beneficial effect:

Trichoderma is a safe, economical, eco friendly and effective biopesticide. This product controls wilts, root & stem rots, damping off, several seed & soil borne disease and various foliar diseases. It can be used in crops like rice, sugarcane, tobacco, groundnut, soybean, pepper, cardamom, turmeric, ginger, coffee, tea, rubber, vegetables and fruit crops.

Product specification:

It is a wettable powder having a minimum of 2x108 colony forming units per gram. Also available in liquid formulations.

Dosage and method of application

Seed treatment: Mix 10g of Sun Agro Derma with 10 to 20 ml of water to make slurry and treat the seeds before sowing. Dry seed treatment in also recommended
Seeding/Cutting: 10g/litre
Rhizomes/tubers-dip: Mix the required quantity in water and dip the cutting, rhizomes, tubers and roots of the seedlings for 10 minutes before planting.
Nursery bed drenching: 10g/litre of water/sq meter area Main field spot drenching

Soil application :

Mix 1kg of the product with 10kg neem cake, 90kg of well dried farm yard manure of organic manure, sprinkle water and keep for 4 days covered with gunnysack. After the 4th day turn over the mixture well and keep for another 3 days. Apply this mixture by broadcasting or in furrows@300 to 500 kg per acre. Ensure enough soil moisture for better results.

Foliar spray :

5 to 10g /liter of water (1 to2 kg in 200 lit./acre (add soap solution)


Compatible with most of the biopesticides and biofertilizers.


Do not mix with chemical fungicides. Apply chemical fertilizers or pesticides only 7-10 days before or after the application of Sun Agro Derma/Sun Agro Derma-H Make sure that sufficient moisture is in the soil before application of the bio-agent.


Store in a cool dry place.

Shelf Life:

6 months from the date of manufacture


500gm, 1kg, 5Kg

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