Monus Pseudomonas fluorescens

  (Pseudomonas fluorescens)

A beneficial bacterium for the control of plant pathogenic fungi, bacterial and nematodes.

Mode of action :

The bacteium acts on plant pathogens through different mechanisms.

Mycoparasitism :

It attacks the pathogens and disintegrates by secretion of extra cellular enzymes that degrade the complex cell walls of the pathogens.


It release complex toxins that is specific to pathogens which inhibits the germination of the spores and also interfere with growth mechanism. This prevents the establishment of the pathogen on the crop.


Grows abundantly on host surface and acts as a shield and thus preventing penetration of pathogens into plant tissue including nematodes.

Production of growth promoting substances

It secrete several growth promoting substances (gibberellins, cytokines and indol acetic acid) which induce vigorous growth of the plant. In addition it help plant in to get insoluble phosphorus in easily available forms. All these beneficial effects give plants protection against attack of pathogens.

Included Systemic Resistance:

It has been reported to induce systemic resistance (ISR) in Pseudomonas fluoroscence applied plants. As a result of ISR disease reduction and plant faster green growth were observed in many crops.

Beneficial aspects:

Sun Agro Monus is an effective biocontrol agents for the control many diseases caused by fungi, bacterial and nematodes.

Rice: Blast, sheath rot, bacterial leaf blight, brown leas.

Banana: Wilt, nematodes

Tomato/Brinjal: Foliar diseases, wilt, root rot, nematodes

Potato Groundnut/Pulses: Wilt, nematode, seed borne diseases

Ginger, Turmeric: Rots

Onion/garlic: Tip rot nematodes

Pepper, Cardamom: Wilt, root rot nematodes, Vanilla, Grapes, Betel vine, Papaya, Orange

In addition to the above examples, this product can be used in nursery beds, perennials fruit crops and other horticultural crops.

Product specification:

Available as wettable powder with 2x108 colony forming units per gram. Also available in liquied formulation

Dosage and method of application:

Seed treatment: Mix 10g of Sun Agro Monus with 10 to 20ml of water to make a slurry and treat the` seeds before sowing. Dry seed treatment is also recommended.

Seedling/cutting/Rhizomes/tubers-dip: Mix the required quantity @ 10 g/lit in water and dip the cuttings, rhizomes, tubers and roots of the seedling for 10 minutes before planting.

Nursery bed drenching: 10 g/liter of water / sq meter area Main field spot drenching

Soil application: Mix 1 kg of the product Sun Agro Monus with 10kg neem cake, 90kg of well dried farm yard manure of organic manure, sprinkle a small quantity of water and keep for 4 days covered with gunnysack. After the 4th day, turn over the mixture and keep for another 3 days. Apply this mixture @ 300 to 500 kg / acre by placing in furrows or near root zones. Ensure enough soil moisture for better results.


Compatible with most of the biopesticide and biofertilizers.


Apply chemicals fertilizers or pesticides only 7-10 days before or after the application of 'Sun Agro Monus'. Make sure that sufficient moisture is in the soil before application of this bio-agent.


Store in cool and dry place

Shelf Life:

6 months from the date of manufacture


500g, 1kg & 5kg 250ml, 500ml, 1lit

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