Sun Agro Phosi (Phosphobacteria)

Phosphorus is one of the vital element required for the growth of crop plant. Due to the leaching and chemical fixation in the soil only 20 to 30% of the phosphatic fertilizers applied are available to the crop plants. The areas in which high fertilizers are used due to chemical fixation the Phosphorus get accumulated in the soil as insoluble phosphates. Plants are unable to absorb these insoluble phosphates. However some beneficial bacteria are capable of solubulising these chemically fixed insoluble phosphates and make them available to crop plants.

Sun Agro Phosi (Phosphobacteria)

This product contains Phosphobacterium, which solubilizes insoluble into soluble form. It is useful to all crops. When phosphorous fertilizers are applied to the soil, only part of it is utilized by the plants and remaining are converted into fixed and insoluble form of phosphates. Sun Agro Phosi solublizes the insoluble phosphates in the soil and makes it available to the plants.

Mode of action:

The dormant cell of phosphate solubulising Bacteria (Phosphobacterium,) when reach to soil they get activated and produces fresh active cells.These active cells grows and multiply by utilizing the carbon sources in the soil or rhizosphere. During their growth these bacteria solubalise the fixed phosphorus in the soil and make it available to the crop plant. Solubilize phosphate through the production of organic acids such as carbonic acids and Sulphuric acid and alkalinity cause phosphate solubilization.

Product specification:

It is a wettable powder having a minimum of 2x108 colony forming units per gram. Also available in liquid formulations.

Method of Application:

Mix 5 Kg with 50 Kg Farm yard manure or sand and broad-cast uniformly in one acre field.


It is compatible with all biopesticides


Do not mix with chemical fertilizers. Avoid use of chemical fertilizers 10 days before or after the use biofertilizers.


Store in cool and dry place.

Shelf Life:

6 months from the date of manufacture


1kg, 5kg & 25kg

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